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How Does Automatic Caller Distribution (ACD) Work?

by Kent Charugundla

Posted on September 8, 2017 at 2:35 pm

How does Automatic Caller Distribution (ACD) Work?
Learn about ACD before choosing a call center software provider

Have you ever wondered how your customer service call is directed to the person who can help with your specific inquiry? Automatic Caller Distribution (ACD) is used in this instance. For a business ACD gives you the ability to handle calls quickly and very efficiently.

ACD is a communications system that answers incoming calls and routes the call to the most qualified agent to address the customer’s needs.

It is designed to reduce the caller’s wait time when calling about an inquiry. It is the backbone of a call center and helps the communications process flow smoothly. ACD is perfect in situations with higher call volumes, teams dispersed around the country or world, utilization of different telephone systems, and teams with specialized agents.

Utilizing ACD can benefit every type of business from small to large enterprises. If you find that there are more calls than employees available, ACD is perfect for your business. You can customize the algorithm for the distribution of calls to your agents with any one of the following five methods.

1. Linear call distribution circulates calls in a pre-determined order, starting with the same agent every time.
2. Circular call distribution starts in a continuous loop, and once it has reached the bottom of the agent list it will start from the top of the list.
3. Uniform call distribution directs calls to an agent who has been idle the longest.
4. Simultaneous call distribution alerts all the agents at once, and the first agent who answers handles the call.
5. Weighted call distribution handles calls by configurable weighting such as differentiating skill sets between agents.

Rule-based instructions are used to help determine how calls are handled. Some of the factors include caller identification, interactive voice response, or dialed number identification. With all of these factors, it enables the managers and agents to collect real-time data for reporting purposes. To learn more about ACD contact us for more information at [email protected]