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Posted on September 8, 2017 at 3:10 pm

In today’s ever-changing society, all enterprises need to stay relevant with the consumer. Staying relevant means changing the way you communicate and how you reach your audience. When you send out an email, only an average of 22% of those who receive it actually open it, compared to the 94% who will open a text message.

Enterprise Messaging Solutions (EMS) bring many advantages when it comes to communication. It improves the enterprise internally and externally. Interactive messaging between the customer and enterprise, faster response time, growth in sales, internal savings, and satisfied customers are just some of the many advantages of EMS.

Interactive messaging allows you to communicate directly with your customer and vice-versa. Your customers can contact you at any time. Interactive messaging allows you to confirm appointments, receive feedback, and spread the word about important events. Text messages are opened within 3-minutes of being received, you will achieve a faster response time with your customer than if they had received an email. They may not have time to check all their emails since their inbox is more than likely bombarded by many other promotional emails.

Enterprises who communicate by messaging with customers will see a growth in sales. There will be no laggard time between calls, as you will not have individual representatives waiting for phone calls. This means no more hold music, ads, or dropped calls. Enterprise messaging will reduce inbound and outbound calls automatically reducing costs, mainly staffing expenses. It is also one of the least expensive forms of communication out there.

Lastly, the most important part of EMS is your customer satisfaction rate. Happier customers build brand loyalty. Integrating SMS to your CRM allows you to automatically send messages. It shows your timeliness as an enterprise and it makes your customer feel like the business acknowledges them. It will also help increase engagement between your customer and your enterprise, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Enterprise Messaging Solutions have many great features to help you communicate more effectively with your customers. You can analyze all the data, reports, analytics, and conversion rates. Enterprise solutions include custom software development for your enterprise, creating custom scripts, city code SMS, CRM and API integrations, and much more!

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