Month: February 2018

Why Your Business Should Implement SMS Messaging

by Kent Charugundla

Posted on February 12, 2018 at 6:32 am

Cell phones have quickly become a part of everyone’s daily life. Around 23 BILLION text messages are sent EVERY day. Communication has become as easy as typing a few sentences and pressing send. As a business, taking advantage of this technology is crucial to communicating with customers and building a strong brand name. No matter how big or small your business, through implementing SMS messaging, you can continue to grow in a world that revolves around technology and change. SMS is convenient, fast, easy and connects you with a customer in seconds. If you aren’t convinced already that SMS is the way to go, here are some major benefits for your business or organization:

  1. Text messages are immediate and get read. As opposed to email, mail, or phone calls; text messaging is immediate and has a higher response rate than any other means of communication. Most text messages are read within 15 minutes of receiving them and takes about 90 seconds to respond to. Reaching your targeted audience is faster than ever before and creates great customer service.

  2. All mobile phones are SMS-enabled and text messaging is download free. Since texting is download-free, a smartphone is not required. Although most people have smartphones, it is not vital to receive and send SMS messages. This allows text messaging to be personal and received everywhere. Smartphones and social media also have a big impact on reaching customers today, BUT if you want to reach a larger audience, SMS can help your business do just that.

  3. Text messaging does not need an internet connection to receive SMS messages. Many apps and forms of communication rely on wi-fi to run efficiently, but with SMS messages doesn’t require internet access so customers can receive a text anywhere. While wi-fi has become more readily available, this feature is important for those who may not be in range, have a smartphone, or have convenient access to wi-fi.

  4. Text messaging allows businesses to create great marketing campaigns and have access to their targeted audience. Text messaging is a reliable and quick way to reach out to every customer in your audience no matter how many people are on your subscriber list. Customers can opt-in to receiving text messages from your business or organization and receive updates, coupons, and much more while creating a strong customer relationship. For example, a business can provide a shortcode to be shared with customers. Then the customer can text that code to get an automatic reply with a link to your website and to be put on the subscriber list. As a “text subscriber,” these individuals will receive updated information as well as access to deals or reliable customer service. Marketing campaigns can be sent out to everyone on your subscriber list to let them know when a new product is launching, or a massive sale may be going on. Access to your business is provided at the touch of your customer’s fingertips and will create ease when communicating with all types of individuals.

  5. Text messaging can also be used to communicate back and forth with your customer for reliable, fast, and non-hold customer service. Customers will appreciate the fast speed of response and that they will not be placed on hold like speaking on the phone. Questions can be answered quickly and effectively. This type of customer service can create a strong brand loyalty because customers know they can rely on your business to give them instant feedback.

In today’s society, we want thing to be easy and efficient. Through SMS messaging services, not only will your business grow, but customers will be pleased with the accessibility of your business. If you’re interested in integrating SMS messaging in your business, send a message to [email protected].