Month: September 2017

Mobile Marketing Solutions

by Kent Charugundla

Posted on September 8, 2017 at 3:17 pm

The marketing industry varies as consumers change the way they interact with products.

It began with traditional marketing methods like print advertisements such as newsletters, billboards, flyers and newspaper print ads. Now, everything is digital and marketing uses social media, online ads, emails, etc.

Mobile Marketing Solutions

Customers deserve one main service from businesses: to communicate with the business in a way that is convenient for them. The average person has their mobile device within 3-feet of them at all times. The best way to reach your audience directly is on a device that they use every single day through mobile marketing.

How to Use Mobile in Marketing?

Benefits of mobile marketing include:

  • Send non-invasive, clear, and short (160-character limit) messages with a clear call-to-action
  • Send bulk SMS campaigns to numbers that have opted in to receive messages from you. It’s more fun, inexpensive, and quick. Including visuals will capture more attention with the caller.
  • Build your customer database to easily communicate with your contacts on a personal level
  • Include your number in your marketing materials. People are more likely to remember a short code number (i.e. 12345) or a memorable keyword (i.e. 1-800-777-SALE).

For you to build your mobile database, you should include the customer’s name in the text message. It makes the message feel more personal, and not like it is a mass SMS message being sent to everyone on your list. Personalization of messages will resonate with the customer and create long-term brand loyalty.

Mobile marketing is needed for your marketing solutions in today’s digital world. It is easy to use, and you will get instantaneous replies from customers. Reach more customers, in their preferred method of communication with an average open rate of 98% with text messages. Be more successful today with mobile marketing. To find out more about how you can implement mobile marketing for your business, send us an email [email protected].

Enterprise Messaging Solutions

by Kent Charugundla

Posted on September 8, 2017 at 3:10 pm

In today’s ever-changing society, all enterprises need to stay relevant with the consumer. Staying relevant means changing the way you communicate and how you reach your audience. When you send out an email, only an average of 22% of those who receive it actually open it, compared to the 94% who will open a text message.

Enterprise Messaging Solutions (EMS) bring many advantages when it comes to communication. It improves the enterprise internally and externally. Interactive messaging between the customer and enterprise, faster response time, growth in sales, internal savings, and satisfied customers are just some of the many advantages of EMS.

Interactive messaging allows you to communicate directly with your customer and vice-versa. Your customers can contact you at any time. Interactive messaging allows you to confirm appointments, receive feedback, and spread the word about important events. Text messages are opened within 3-minutes of being received, you will achieve a faster response time with your customer than if they had received an email. They may not have time to check all their emails since their inbox is more than likely bombarded by many other promotional emails.

Enterprises who communicate by messaging with customers will see a growth in sales. There will be no laggard time between calls, as you will not have individual representatives waiting for phone calls. This means no more hold music, ads, or dropped calls. Enterprise messaging will reduce inbound and outbound calls automatically reducing costs, mainly staffing expenses. It is also one of the least expensive forms of communication out there.

Lastly, the most important part of EMS is your customer satisfaction rate. Happier customers build brand loyalty. Integrating SMS to your CRM allows you to automatically send messages. It shows your timeliness as an enterprise and it makes your customer feel like the business acknowledges them. It will also help increase engagement between your customer and your enterprise, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Enterprise Messaging Solutions have many great features to help you communicate more effectively with your customers. You can analyze all the data, reports, analytics, and conversion rates. Enterprise solutions include custom software development for your enterprise, creating custom scripts, city code SMS, CRM and API integrations, and much more!

To find out more about Enterprise Messaging Solutions, contact us at [email protected]

What You Need To Know About CRM

by Kent Charugundla

Posted on September 8, 2017 at 3:01 pm

Small-to-medium and enterprise-level businesses will benefit from customer relationship management (CRM) systems. CRM systems are used to: improve business relationships with your customer, increase customer retention rates, and drive business sales. With a system in place you will be able to manage and analyze customer interactions, and collect the data throughout the customer lifecycle.

CRM Process

How can you benefit from a CRM system in place? Here are our top 3 benefits of CRM to help grow your business.

  1. Increase Sales

Having a clear picture of your sales cycle and the customer’s buyer journey will allow you to make adjustments that increase sales. CRM systems will help with your day-to-day tasks, making it easier to sell to your customers. Your CRM metrics will show you what is working, and what isn’t so you can make changes for future sales. It will also show you trends you may not have predicted.

  1. Increase Productivity

If you had an influx of new customers to your business, CRM systems can help you manage your time. With a CRM, you can view a client’s previous interactions with the business, their presence on social media, preferences and much more.

  1. Improve Client Relations

CRM systems allow you to manage your servicing, marketing, and selling of your products and services. Everything will be put together in an organized and systematic way. You will be able to provide better services to your customers since you will be able to help them solve their problems. It will create brand loyalty with your customers.

Implementing a CRM system allows you to grow your business successfully. If you want to expand, a CRM cloud system allows you and your employees to work on the same information worldwide. Work from anywhere at any time!

The system allows you to keep all of the customer’s information in one place. You are able to record customer interactions including emails, phone calls, social media, etc. It can also automate workflow processes like tasks, calendars, and alerts. You will be able to track performance and employee productivity from the information on the CRM system.

To find out more about how Tunnel will help your business be more successful, contact us at [email protected].

SMS Can Help Virtually Any Business

by Kent Charugundla

Posted on September 8, 2017 at 2:58 pm

The most effective way to reach your customers is with SMS messaging. No matter the industry, you and your customers will both benefit by communicating through text messaging. Implementing SMS messaging with your business will improve your communications with your customers. It will help you reach a larger audience using one platform in a more cost-effective way. Sending SMS messages to your customers will lead to a higher open rate. The industry average for text message open rates is at 98% and those who receive a text message will open it within 3 minutes (on average).


6 Ways To Use SMS

Here are a few of the ways you can use SMS to connect with your customers.

  1. Promotional messages (for in-store or online use)

Instead of sending an email that your customers may not read in time, send them a number to call that allows them to stay informed on your special deals and promotions. Every time a customer calls this number, they will receive a text with your current promotion. There is no better way to get customers on your site or in-store than sending them a message that they will read almost instantly.

  1. Delays or cancellations

For travel agents, it is recommended to text your customers to inform them of any delays or cancellations. It will save your customers travel time to the airport, etc. if they can easily call a number to receive a text to find out about a delay or cancelation. Your customers will thank you in the long run!

  1. Ordering discount codes

Send your customers discount codes to bring them to your store or your website. Whether you’re in retail, food, or another industry it is an effective way to reach customers with special discounts. To be competitive in the food industry, one way would be to offer discount codes just before any meal (i.e. dinner). It will help remind your customers of your establishment before they decide where they want to go. Keep track of who you send a discount code to based on their number.

  1. Tips and Advice

Send new customers tips and tricks about a product they just purchased. Show your customers how much you appreciate their business by sharing tips and advice that you think they would like to know! Do it at your customer’s discretion so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

  1. Call Center Efficiency

Direct your call flow traffic more easily with SMS messaging and cut down on wait times, hold music, etc. Your customers can instantly talk to a representative. No more dropped calls. Keep your customers engaged, and maintain their loyalty by being available within seconds.


No matter what industry you are in, your business will greatly benefit from SMS messaging! Send your customers special promotions if they agree to receive text messages from you. Use SMS messaging in virtually any business you are in, and create long-term loyalty with your customers.

What is IVR Messaging?

by Kent Charugundla

Posted on September 8, 2017 at 2:54 pm

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated system that allows your business to interact with callers and routes them to a representative who is best suited to handle the call. The system is simple, cost-effective and increases overall efficiency. The automation feature allows you to pre-record messages; from greetings and short prompts for the caller. You can list fewer options with IVR, which keeps the messages more concise and makes the process easier for the caller.
IVR messaging
How does IVR messaging work? It starts with the caller contacting your business. When IVR is set-up the caller will be greeted with your prerecorded message. They will be able to choose from the options you list off to them and to select which one best suits their inquiry. After the caller selects from the list of options provided to them, they will be directed to the most suitable representative. IVR will automatically route the caller to the representative who will have the best solution for them.
IVR allows you to predict inquiries to speed up service, this is based on the option they select. You can personalize messages and prioritize calls based on value. You will be able to handle a large volume of calls, as calls will be routed to the best representative. You can collect information from the caller while they are waiting in the queue. Lastly, IVR allows you to track and report customer issues to improve future.
How IVR Can Be Used
  • Surveys and polls
  • Call center forwarding
  • Simple order entry transactions
  • Bank and stock account balances and transfers
  • And much more!
IVR Benefits
Increase Caller Resolution
Implementing IVR will allow you to direct the caller to the best suited representative. The representative who receives the call will be one of the most qualified to answer the caller’s inquiry. This reduces the chance of having to transfer the caller to another representative.
Increase Customer Satisfaction
IVR is very easy to use and your callers will be less frustrated calling your business. They will be content talking to a representative who will be able to help them solve their problems.
Increase Company Efficiency
When your company has IVR, you will have representatives who are more skilled at addressing specific topics. Your representatives will be more confident on those specific topics, help more callers, and they will not have to transfer them to another representative.
Increase Professionalism
Prerecorded messages allow you to greet customers in a professional manner. It will make it seem as if you have more departments and employees.
IVR is very beneficial for every type of business. To find out more about IVR and how you can implement it for your business, contact Tunnel at [email protected]

How Does Automatic Caller Distribution (ACD) Work?

by Kent Charugundla

Posted on September 8, 2017 at 2:35 pm

How does Automatic Caller Distribution (ACD) Work?
Learn about ACD before choosing a call center software provider

Have you ever wondered how your customer service call is directed to the person who can help with your specific inquiry? Automatic Caller Distribution (ACD) is used in this instance. For a business ACD gives you the ability to handle calls quickly and very efficiently.

ACD is a communications system that answers incoming calls and routes the call to the most qualified agent to address the customer’s needs.

It is designed to reduce the caller’s wait time when calling about an inquiry. It is the backbone of a call center and helps the communications process flow smoothly. ACD is perfect in situations with higher call volumes, teams dispersed around the country or world, utilization of different telephone systems, and teams with specialized agents.

Utilizing ACD can benefit every type of business from small to large enterprises. If you find that there are more calls than employees available, ACD is perfect for your business. You can customize the algorithm for the distribution of calls to your agents with any one of the following five methods.

1. Linear call distribution circulates calls in a pre-determined order, starting with the same agent every time.
2. Circular call distribution starts in a continuous loop, and once it has reached the bottom of the agent list it will start from the top of the list.
3. Uniform call distribution directs calls to an agent who has been idle the longest.
4. Simultaneous call distribution alerts all the agents at once, and the first agent who answers handles the call.
5. Weighted call distribution handles calls by configurable weighting such as differentiating skill sets between agents.

Rule-based instructions are used to help determine how calls are handled. Some of the factors include caller identification, interactive voice response, or dialed number identification. With all of these factors, it enables the managers and agents to collect real-time data for reporting purposes. To learn more about ACD contact us for more information at [email protected]